• 2016’s History

    Stabilization Gimbal Thermal Imaging Camera Developed
    Wiper Type Dual Cooled Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera Developed

    2015’s History

    Wiper Type Dual Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera Developed
    AHD Camera Developed

    2014’s History

    Thermal Dual Mega PTZ Camera Developed (1920 x 1080)
    EX-SDI Camera Developed

    2013’s History

    Thermal imaging camera developed.(Temperature measurement function)
    Compact dual static weather camera developed.
    Attended 'Korean Military Exhibit' (ADEX 2013)

    2012’s History

    Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera Developed. (384 x 288)
    Thermal Imaging Weatherproof Camera Developed.
    Patent on Thermal Imaging Technology.(QIET : Quality Image Enhancement Technology)
    Attended 'ISC West 2012' in Las Vegas
    Attended 'IFSEC 2012' in Birmingham, UK
    Attended 'security essen 2012' in Germany

    2011’s History

    Attended 'ISC West 2011' in Las Vegas
    Attended 'SECUTECH 2011' in Taiwan
    Attended 'IFSEC 2011' in Birmingham, UK
    President appointed into member of science technical information council in Kyungki-do (KISTI)
    Certificated into export promising enterprise.
    Start the development of the uncooled / cooled infrared detector
    TBT was awarded a USD10,000,000 exporting prize

    2010’s History

    Attended 'ISC West 2010' in Las Vegas
    Attended 'SECUTECH2010' in Taiwan
    Attended 'IFSEC 2010' in Birmingham, UK
    Developed IR PTZ Camera
    Registrated to the Innobiz organization.
    Selected into minor-enterpris for technical innovation.

    2009’s History

    Attended 'INTERSEC 2009' in Dubai
    Attended 'ISC West 2009' in Las Vegas
    Attended 'SECUTECH 2009' in Taiwan
    Attended 'IFSEC 2009' in Birmingham, UK
    Developed TWP-45,55 series

    2008’s History

    Developed IP Speed dome
    Won caertificated award from minor-enterprise committee down to the president of Korea.
    Selected into promising minor-enterprise in Kyungki-do.
    A patent the day&night security camera.

    2007’s History

    Developed a dual CCD exchangeable vandal-proof dome, DUAL-VD45
    TBT was awarded a USD5,000,000 exporting prize
    A patent the way for position control of cercuiting motor using the coordinate data dualled.
    (The number of patent is 10-0726829)

    2006’s History

    Developed mini speed dome, 10X optical zoom, TS-PTZ10
    Moved to new office and factory
    Developed the world's first DUAL CCD exchangeable camera, DUAL-45XDV
    Acquire the certificate of corporation lab
    Registration the patent on a new idea for day&night security camera.

    2005’s History

    Attended 'ISC West 2005 in Lasvegas, USA
    Attended 'IFSEC 2005 in Birmingham, UK
    Obtained the venture business certificate
    Developed TWP-45XDV, day & night water-proof camera.
    Obtained ISO 9001, ISO14001 certificate

    2004’s History

    TBT(Three Brain Technology) was founded
    Moved to new office and factory
    Finished Developing speed dome camera
    Attended '2004 Security Essen' in Germany
    TBT and K&C Elecomms merged
    Got the certificates of CE, FCC for speed dome cameras
    Started mass production of speed dome cameras

    2003’s History

    Started developing Speed Dome Camera

    2001’s History

    K&C Elecomms founded(The name was changed in 2004 to TBT)